Palestine Popular Resistance Conference this weekend!

14 July 2011

The popular committees, along with Palestinian civil society groups and organizations, have organized a planning conference from July 16-18 to be held in three sponsoring villages: Beit Ommar, Nil’in, and Budros.

The conference begins on Saturday at 10 am in Beit Ommar, and will last until Monday afternoon.

International organizations, dignitaries and others in solidarity with the Palestinian people are invited to join us for a new kind of conferences, one where women and men, farmers, students, shop owners, laborers and professionals from across the West Bank join with veteran Palestinian activists and academics to educate and inspire each other, working towards a unified, popular non-violent strategy to resist the occupation.

This conference, unlike others held across the West Bank, is designed explicitly as a Palestinian organizing conference. Parallel workshops and activities will be organized for international participants and translation provided for key speeches but the bulk of the panels, workshops and activities will be led by Palestinians, for Palestinians, to develop a unified strategy for moving forward that is inclusive of all communities throughout Palestine: creating One Path.

Panel discussions will be held on topics critical to the future of the Palestinian people: settlements and The Wall, the Judaization of Jerusalem, and refugees as well as discussions on national positions, the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions campaign, international solidarity, and the development of a truly national strategy of non-violent resistance.

We hope that by spreading this conference throughout the Ramallah, Hebron and Nablus Districts, and by engaging communities already participating in non-violent resistance, we will develop a concrete work program for creating a non-violent movement throughout the Palestinian communities, leading to our collective liberation.

To view the full schedule, please click here.

Contact Details:

Conference Coordinator: Younes Arar , Mobile: 0097259965272
E mail: