Settlers invade Beit Ommar and Surif on Friday Morning

29 July 2011

On the 29th of July, 2011 a large group of settlers was observed passing through the land of Beit Ommar and Surif. The group, which consisted of 40 settlers, 2 of whom were armed, and 4 soldiers, walked through farmland in Beit Ommar and crossed through the town of Surif.

They were observed by a group of residents from the towns as well as two internationals. Members of the group harassed residents as they passed through Surif, and briefly sat down near the entrance of a Palestinian house. They were seen carrying maps and taking pictures of the land and Palestinian homes.

Residents responded to the presence of settlers on the land by throwing stones. The military accompanying the settlers then shot live ammunition in their direction.

Sarif has a history of violence by settlers in the area. In January, settlers from Bat Ayn shot two youths from the town, killing 17 year old Yousef Ikhlayl. And this past November, settlers burned 85 olive and fig trees belonging to local Palestinian farmers.