Settlers Attempt to Seize More Land in Saffa

3 August 2011

Settlers from Bat Ayin settlement have attempted to seize more land belonging to the village of Saffa.

This week, it was discovered that settlers had begun construction of a building foundation on the land of local farmer Thelgy Addy. Stones have been piled on top of one another forming what appears to be the bases of walls, and one of the stones was marked with a green symbol. Around the stones, the settlers had posted stakes at a distance of 500 meters.

When this construction was discovered, the stakes were pulled up in order to combat the theft of more land. Settlers will often begin taking over more land by constructing buildings as an outpost, then moving people in. These settlers enjoy the protection of the Israeli military.

Bat Ayin is a particularly aggressive settlement which has a history of violence towards Palestinians in the area. This past March, settlers invaded Beit Ommar, attacking residents and vandalizing homes. In January, members of the settlement shot two youths in the town of Saffa, killing 17 year old Yousef Ikhlayl. And this past November, settlers burned 85 olive and fig trees belonging to area Palestinian farmers.