Ni’lin Protest Marks 3rd Anniversary of Yousef Amira’s death

5 August 2011

Protesters turned out in Ni’lin for the weekly protest against the Apartheid Wall. Around ten Palestinians, accompanied by 2 Israelis and 7 international activists, marked the 3rd anniversary of the death of 17 year old Ni’lin resident Yousef Amira. Yousef was fatally injured after he was shot twice in the head by Israeli soldiers following the funeral of a 10 year old Palestinian child who had died from similar injuries.

During the protest, a speech was delivered in Arabic and English. Afterwards, some of the protesters set fire to tires and burned them at the gate of the Apartheid Wall. Stones were also thrown at and over the fence. This was followed by a bombardment of teargas from Israeli soldiers. Two protesters were treated for teargas inhalation by the Red Crescent.

Ni’lin has seen many martyrs in the past three years during its resistance to the Occupation and construction of the Apartheid Wall. Besides Yousef, 10 year old Ahmed Ussam Yousef Mousa died from from his injuries after he was left braindead by plastic-coated steel bullets shot at him by Israeli soldiers. 20 year-old Popular Committee member Mohammed Khawaje and 22 year-old Arafat Khawaje were killed at the same protest in January of 2009. Later that year, 36 year-old Akeel Srour was killed by the Israeli military at a protest. Ni’lin is also where International Solidarity Movement activist Tristan Anderson was shot in the face by the Israeli military using a high-speed teargas canister, seriously injuring him and leaving him physically and mentally handicapped.