Beit Ommar Teacher’s Trial is Delayed, Refused Bail

31 August 2011

Majde Za’aqiq, a 38-year-old teacher from Beit Ommar and member of the organizing committee for the Center for Freedom and Justice, was yesterday (Tuesday) denied bail by an Israeli military court in Ofar, West Bank.

In response to the lack of evidence presented by the prosecution, the judge ruled that the trial be delayed by up to 100 days in order to allow the prosecutor more time to gather evidence. The judge then refused Majde’s application for bail.

Following an unsuccessful appeal today (Wednesday), Majde now faces the possibility of spending several months in prison before any trial takes place.

On hearing of the military court’s decision, the popular committee of Beit Ommar has called a demonstration in solidarity with Majde, to be held this Saturday at 1pm in Beit Ommar.

For more information on his arrest and detention, see here and here.