Seven Activists Arrested at Demonstration in Al Walaja

31 August 2011

This past Saturday, Palestinian, Israeli, and international activists peacefully demonstrated in Al Walaja protesting the Israeli High Court’s decision to allow the construction of the separation barrier that would annex half of Al Walaja’s land to Israel.

Al Walaja is an agricultural village and most of the families there depend on these fields for their income. The annexation of Al Walaja land will therefore be devastating to its residents.

The demonstrators marched peacefully holding signs condemning the occupation and the apartheid system. Israeli soldiers presented a closed military zone order to the activists, but the order was outdated. They then presented a closed military zone order for August 28, which was a day after the demonstration.

As the demonstrators continued to march towards the illegal settlement of Har Gilo, the Israeli soldiers responded with force, assaulting Palestinian activists and arresting one Palestinian, two internationals, and four Israelis. The Israeli and international activists were later released at two am that night.