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30 Sep 2011
Demonstration against  land  grab in Yatta. September 30 th. 2011

September 30 th. 2011: PSP joined residents of Yatta on a land demonstration against the Israeli occupation, continuos expropriation of Palestinian land, and house demolitions.

Yatta with surrounding areas have a population of approximately 120 000 inhabitants. Many of the inhabitants live in small villages in remote areas.

The demonstrators walked towards the place where a couple of settler families have established themselves with miliary guard of no less than thirty soldiers.

The procession passed onto the shut down road, and walked up the hill to the place where five houses repeatedly … Continue reading

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30 Sep 2011
Demonstration against land confiscation for new bypass road in Beit Ommar.

Friday September 30. : Residents of Beit Ommar demonstrated against recent received land confiscation orders. 800 dumums of Beit Ommar and Shwoukh land will be taken by the Israelies for a 8km bypass road, starting from Gush Etzion. The settlers have already built a watch tower on a hill top in the area – the first step to establish a new settlement. The road to the planned settlement on Halhoul land will go through Beit Ommar and Shwoukh land and join in on the route 60 by Halhoul.

The demonstrators in Beit Ommar marched from … Continue reading

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30 Sep 2011
English Classes at the Center for Freedom and Justice in Beit Ommar.

Lessons in English are now given at the Center for Freedom and Justice in Beit Ommar four days a week, Monday – Thursday.

At the moment there are classes on three different levels -beginners, intermediate and more advanced.

Center for Freedom and Justice aims to give lessons according to the students needs and wishes. Some of the students like to practice conversation, while others want to improve their grammar. International volunteers serve students in a broad specter of ages. At the moment our students range from teenagers to adults in their … Continue reading

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29 Sep 2011

BETHLEHEM -Israeli forces notified villagers near Bethlehem that their land will soon be confiscated, local residents said Wednesday.
Land owned by 40 families in Battir village – 148 dunums of vegetable, fruit and olive groves – is earmarked for confiscation, villagers said.

According to the notices received by villagers, the area is close to the train line to Jerusalem and next to the East Jerusalem settlement of Gilo, in which Israeli authorities approved the building of 1,100 new homes on Tuesday, sparking international condemnation.

The notification of the Israeli Ministry of Finance’s intention to purchase the lands said the acquisition was for military and security purposes.

Battir resident Nidal al-Zaghir said: the land confiscation “will be a great loss for the … Continue reading

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27 Sep 2011

RAMALLAH, West Bank—The Palestinian bid for United Nations statehood, whatever its outcome, is already helping reshape Palestinian attitudes to expect less of negotiations—which most feel have failed to deliver after nearly two decades—and embrace a more confrontational stance toward Israel.

That could mean challenging Israel using boycotts, demonstrations and international diplomatic forums more aggressively—ideas that are gaining currency among young Palestinians. In a year when peaceful demonstrations have radically altered the political landscape of the Arab world, they increasingly embrace notions of nonviolent resistance.

Still, many observers say that tensions are building in the Palestinian areas—especially in the West Bank, where Jewish settlements continue to grow and chafe against Palestinian communities. Even peaceful confrontations, they worry, could escalate and set off another … Continue reading

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25 Sep 2011
Berlin Demonstrates in Support of the Palestinian Struggle

Berlin, Germany, 22nd September 2011: Palestinian residents of Berlin, alongside German solidarity activists and Members of Parliament, demonstrated in the center of the German capital in support of the Palestinian struggle.

Demonstrators gathered outside the German parliament to hear speeches in support of the Palestinian bid for statehood at the UN. Speakers also called for a campaign of boycott, disinvestment and sanctions (BDS) against Israel, for an end to the occupation and the seige on Gaza, and in support of the Palestinian popular struggle.

Among the participents at the demonstration was member of the Beit Ommar popular committee and PSP co-founder Mousa … Continue reading

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24 Sep 2011
Huge Crowds Gather in Hebron for Historic UN Speech

Last night, PSP joined thousands of Palestinians on the streets of Hebron to watch Mahmoud Abbas’ speech at the UN general assembly. Large crowds congregated along al-Quds street, where several big screens had been erected.

There was an expectant and celebratory atmosphere as the crowd watched musical and cultural performances that were being staged in Beirut and Nablus in the build up to the speech, which began at approximately 7pm local time.

The crowd applauded, cheered, and chanted as … Continue reading

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24 Sep 2011
Israeli Army Create Late-Night Checkpoint at Entrance to Beit Ommar, Fire Tear Gas Into Town

Saturday 24 September 2011: Late on Friday night the Israeli army once again entered Beit Ommar. Two military jeeps positioned themselves inside the town – one near the route 60 highway, and another across the entrance to the town.

From these positions, Israeli soldiers sporadically fired tear gas into residential areas of the town, with several cannisters landing in gardens and next to homes.

These attacks came without any provocation, or any response from Beit Ommar residents. In addition to the tear gas fired into empty gardens, soldiers also fired several rounds along an entirely deserted main street.

In addition to the tear gas, … Continue reading

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22 Sep 2011
PSP Farmer Accompaniment Program Begins

This week PSP began its annual farmer accompaniment program. Around dawn, international activists joined Beit Ommar farmers in harvesting grapes on land close to the illegal settlement of Kfar Etzion. In a busy but sucessful morning, volunteers assisted the famrers in picking and packing over fifty crates of grapes, which will be sold through the local farmers’ market.

Such accompaniments are neccessary as Beit Ommar farmers face the constant threat of harassment and violence from setllers and the Israeli military. Settlers regularly attack famrers trying to work in fields close to the five … Continue reading

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21 Sep 2011
Huge Protests in Hebron Ahead of UN Bid for Statehood

Wednesday 21st September: PSP today joined tens of thousands of demonstrators on the streets of Hebron to show support for the Palestinian bid for statehood at the UN this week.

With all local schools closed for the day, children and youths from across the Hebron district descended on the city, joined by thousands of other demonstrators, and numerous youth organisations, including the Palestinian Boy Scouts.

Major streets in the center of the city were packed for the colorful and vibrant march, while demonstrators danced, sang, and chanted for an end to the occupation, … Continue reading