Ni’lin Demonstration Met With Violent Response

2 September 2011

Volunteers from PSP today joined residents of Ni’lin in their weekly demonstration against the apartheid wall. Around twenty protesters marched from the village to the illegal wall, and a short speech was given, denouncing the theft of Ni’lin’s land.

The Israeli military stationed in a guardtower behind the wall responded with several dozen volleys of teargas, which left some protesters suffering from teargas inhalation. One of the cannisters also set light to an area of the olive grove. Thankfully, protesters managed to extinguish the blaze.

This week’s demonstration is part of Ni’lin’s ongoing stuggle against the apartheid wall, which confiscated much of the village’s olive groves. Since 2008,the Israeli military have killed five residents of Ni’lin during unarmed demonstrations against the wall. Despite this, the village’s protests were successful in diverting the wall’s route, saving substantial areas of their land. Their struggle against the illegal apartheid wall continues to this day.