Beit Ommar Residents Protest In Solidarity With Majde Za’aqiq

3 September 2011

Today in Beit Ommar, around twenty-five demonstrators marched towards the illegal Israeli settlement of Karmei Tsur in protest of the imprisonment of Beit Ommar school teacher Majde Za’aqiq. Demonstrators held signs protesting Majde’s imprisonment, advocating Palestinian membership of the UN, and ending the occupation.

Israeli soldiers followed both in front of the demonstrators, and behind in a jeep. The demonstrators continued to march peacefully, until thirty Israeli soldiers blocked the demonstrators’ from marching through their own fields. Younes, one of the popular committee organizers, then gave a powerful speech condemning the theft of Palestinian land, the construction of fourteen new illegal Karmei Tsur homes, and the recent military decision to arm settlers. The demonstrators continued to protest in front of the soldiers. In contrast with recent weeks, there were no arrests or injuries.