More Evidence of Israeli Plans for September Violence Emerge

4 September 2011

More evidence has emerged this week that Israel and its settlers are preparing to use extreme violence in response to peaceful Palestinian protests this Septemeber.

The International Middle East Media Center reports that extreme right-wing settler groups have prepared plans to attack peaceful Palestinian protests following the UN vote on statehood in Septemeber (original article here). In a chilling echo of the Israeli rhetoric used before the Cast Lead attacks on Gaza in 2008, an eight-page document urges settlers to “transform September from a threat to a historic opportunity to change the rules of the game”.

In this document, the settlers themselves acknowledge that the demonstrations are likely to be unarmed and peaceful, but still advocate meeting them with extreme violence, using settler women to attack Palestinian women, settler children to attack Palestinian children, and heavily armed male settlers to “deal with the Palestinian male population of protestors”.

This news follows a report last week by Israeli newspaper Haaretz, which exposed the Israeli military’s policy of further arming and training settlers to attack Palestinian protesters (link here). The report also revealed Israeli plans to draw an imaginary ‘red line’ around the Palestinian land surrounding each settlement, beyond which point soldiers would be authorised to fire live ammunition at peaceful protesters. The location of these ‘red lines’ will not be made available to the Palestinians.