Israeli Army Raid Beit Ommar, Arrest Three

12 September 2011

Sunday 11th September: In the early hours of Sunday morning, at around 2am, Isreali military forces raided several houses in Beit Ommar, firing teargas and throwing concussion grenades.

Three houses were surrounded by dozens of soldiers, who arrested Munib Jahed, 17, university student Nadim Khalil, 21, and Fares Al-Owewy, 25.

All three are being held in Gush Etzion prison, where lawyers were able to visit them yesterday afternoon (Sunday).

All three reported that during their interrogation, they were repeatedly told to sign documents or give statements incriminating local Palestinian organisers, by claiming they encouraged children to throw stones. This is a tactic used repeatedly by the Israeli occupying forces, where children and youths are detained late at night, denied any sleep then interrogated intensely and told they will be released if they incriminate prominent Palestinians.