Israeli Army Demolish Two Buildings in Beit Ommar Area

13 September 2011

The Israeli army bulldozed the house at 4am

Tuesday 13th September – In the early hours of Tuesday morning, Israeli army bulldozers demolished two buildings, one home in Beit Ommar, and one car parts shop in the neighbouring Al Rub refugee camp.

Fayiz at the site of his demolished home.

In Beit Ommar, a army bulldozer demolished a house which was under construction near the Route 60 highway, which runs past the entrance to the town. The building’s owner, Fayiz Nasr Khalyir, 47, had planned to house his family, including six children, in the new home. Fayiz had already spent 30,000 NIS on building the home.

According to local sources, Israeli forces also issued another demolition order in East Beit Ommar.

Palestinians survey the damage, with the Beit Ommar watchtower and Rout 60 in background