Beit Ommar Demonstrates in Support of UN Statehood Bid

17 September 2011

17th September: Residents of Beit Ommar were joined by Palestinians from across the West Bank, Israelis, and international activists for their weekly demonstration at the illegal settlement of Karmei Tsur.

Around 70 demonstrators marched from the center of the town, carrying flags of various UN member states alongside those of Palestine, and the Libyan Revolution. Protesters from Beit Ommar were joined by Palestinian activists from Al Arub refugee camp, Hebron, Yatta, and Ramallah, who chanted slogans in support of the Palestinian bid for statehood.

The march was halted by over two dozen Israeli soldiers, who blocked the path of protestors as they attempted to march through Beit Ommar fields.

The town’s weekly demonstration comes in the wake of a week of violence from the Israeli occupation. On Monday morning, farmers discovered two fields of grape vines had been completely destroyed by settlers from Karmei Tsur (report here), and in the early hours of Tuesday morning, Israeli occupation forces bulldozed a home in Beit Ommar and a car mechanics in the neighbouring Al Arub refugee camp (report here). Furthermmore, two Beit Ommar farmers were harassed by soldiers whilst attending to their sheep on Friday (report here).