Demonstration against land confiscation for new bypass road in Beit Ommar.

30 September 2011

Friday September 30. : Residents of Beit Ommar demonstrated against recent received land confiscation orders. 800 dumums of Beit Ommar and Shwoukh land will be taken by the Israelies for a 8km bypass road, starting from Gush Etzion. The settlers have already built a watch tower on a hill top in the area – the first step to establish a new settlement. The road to the planned settlement on Halhoul land will go through Beit Ommar and Shwoukh land and join in on the route 60 by Halhoul.

The demonstrators in Beit Ommar marched from the centre of town towards the already closed down fruit marked and to one of the roadblocks close to Route 60.
During the demonstration the main entrance to Beit Ommar was closed for a while.
When the demonstrations withdrew from the scene Israeli soldiers fired tear gas into town.

Lately Israeli military forces have repeatedly entered the town of Beit Ommar. Report here: and confiscation orders have been given out all over the West Bank. Report here: