Demonstration against land grab in Yatta. September 30 th. 2011

30 September 2011

September 30 th. 2011: PSP joined residents of Yatta on a land demonstration against the Israeli occupation, continuos expropriation of Palestinian land, and house demolitions.

Yatta with surrounding areas have a population of approximately 120 000 inhabitants. Many of the inhabitants live in small villages in remote areas.

The demonstrators walked towards the place where a couple of settler families have established themselves with miliary guard of no less than thirty soldiers.

The procession passed onto the shut down road, and walked up the hill to the place where five houses repeatedly have been demolished. The wells have been destroyed and the belongings to the persons who used to live there were scattered all over the place.

The demonstrators continued up towards the military forces in order to reach their land but were stoped by soldiers, military jeeps and police cars.
The National Committee of Yatta has decided to have weekly demonstrations against the wall , land grab, and house demolitions. The demonstrations will be planned by the National Committee in Yatta led by their leader, Khawlan Abu Marir – the only woman leader in the area.