New Bypass Road Planned on Beit Ommar and Shyoukh Land

2 October 2011

New Bypass Road planned on Beit Ommar and Schoukh Land. Yesterday PSP visited the location for the new road. Watch the documentation here:

More than 800 dumums of Beit Ommar and Shwoukh land will be taken by the Israelies for a 8km bypass road, starting from Gush Etzion. The settlers have already built a watch tower on a hill top in the area – the first step to establish a new settlement. The road to the planned settlement on Halhoul land will go through Beit Ommar and Shwoukh land and join in on the route 60 by Halhoul.

Many farmers will lose the land where they grow their crops. A lot of wine yards will be cut down, and houses might be demonlished.

Residents of Beit Ommar have already demonstrated against the new bypass road. Report here