French Solidarity Activists Visit Beit Ommar

6 October 2011

This week a group of visitors from a catholic organization in France visited Beit Ommar and Center for Freedom and Justice. PSP arranged a guided tour and explained the local situation to their interested guests, as well as the five illegal settlements that surround Beit Ommar.

“Everyday Palestinians are humiliated and have to ask permisson for rights which in my country everyone would take for granted and never would have to ask for,” one of the visitors said. “The inhabitants in Beit Ommar are very patient and optimistic. It`s unbeliveable” he continued.

The whole group was pleased with the tour. They ended their day in Beit Ommar with a lunch with Palestinians in the fields, and said they would bring information back home and recommend a tour to the West Bank to their friends and acquaintances.

Are you interessed in visiting Beit Ommar and the West Bank? Take a look at PSP´s Solidarity Tour Program