New Farmers’ Committee Planned in Beit Ommar

11 October 2011

October 10th 2011: Beit Ommar farmers met today to discuss problems they are facing due to the occupation.
The agenda addressed many serious problems, including land confiscation, land rehabilitation and problems on land adjacent to settlements.

The meeting decided to establish a committee which purpose is to coordinate the work with authorities, NGOs, agricultural organizations, fund raisers etc. When nesassary funding is secured it will be used to restore land, build stonewalls, dig waterwells, provide seedlings, build agricultural roads, as well as assisting families to get water tanks, tents as shelter when fields are far from home, agricultural equipment and so on.

The comitttee will also work to attract Israeli and international activists who can work along with the farmers, especiallly in areas close to settlements.

The farmers will support the National Popular Comittee’s non-violent resistance in joining peaceful protests. The comittee aims to reach out to new groups of people, especially women, organize sit-downs and marches, workshops, meetings and lectures. The committee will now meet weekly.