Beit Ommar Youth Shot in Shoulder by Israeli Army

12 October 2011

Beit Ommar 12th October 2011: 18 year old Amir Ibrahim Khaled Sabarna was today shot in the shoulder by Israeli military forces, who used live ammunition in the main street of Beit Ommar. Ameer was shot as residents of Beit Ommar demonstrated in support of the prisoners hunger strike.

Video footage, shot by a local resident on his mobile phone, captures the scene immediately after the shooting, as a soldier pulls a wounded Amir to his feet and marches him toward the army watchtower at the entrance to the town, where he was then arrested.

At the time of writing (Thursday morning), Amir’s family have had no contact with their son, and have no idea as to where he is being held. They also do not know what the extent of his injuries are, and whether or not he has received proper medical attention.