Support Imprisoned PSP Organizer Participating in Mass Hunger Strike

19 October 2011

Majde Za’aqiq, a 38-year-old school teacher from Beit Ommar and a long-time member of both the Palestine Solidarity Project and the Center for Freedom and Justice, has been imprisoned by the Israeli Authorities for nearly two months and is currently hunger striking against inhumane prison conditions. The mass hunger strike, now in its third week, has seen the participation of hundreds of Palestinian political prisoners in multiple prisons. The strikers are demanding an improvement in their conditions, including the ending the use of solitary confinement by Israeli Authorities to isolate and break the spirits of the prisoners.

Majde Za’aqiq was arrested on August 20, 2011 as he was leaving Beit Ommar’s weekly unarmed demonstration. Israeli Forces pulled Majde and a Spanish international solidarity activist out of their car and placed both under arrest. The international was released some time later, but Majde remains imprisoned in Ofar on a completely fabricated accusation that he was throwing stones. Multiple Israeli, international, and Palestinian activists were with Majde during the entire demonstration, and he did not throw a single stone. At the end of August, an Israeli military court denied Majde the possibility of bail. Not only are he and his two small sons suffering from his unjust imprisonment, but the boys Majde teaches have also started the school year without their teacher.

Many international PSP activists over the years have worked closely with and come to adore Majde. The Palestine Solidarity Project stands with him and his family, and with all Palestinian prisoners of whom more than 5000 remain unjustly incarcerated even after the prisoner deal. To donate to Majde’s legal fees and to help financially support his family, please donate via paypal.

Donations can be made online at or to write checks to our American account, please make them out to:

Center for Freedom and Justice (write “Majde” in the memo)

and mail to:
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