International Activists Join Demonstrators in Beit Ommar

22 October 2011

22th October 2011: Accompanied by a big crowd of international and Israeli activists and residents of Beit Ommar, PSP had a peaceful demonstration towards the illegal settlement of Karmei Tsur.

The internationals carried slogans for “justice,” “freedom for all”, and “dignity for the Palestinians”.
Slogans supporting freedom for the prisoners and the occupation were also present.
Speeches were held in Arabic, English and French.

The internationals were impressed by the engagment and endurance the residents of Beit Ommar show by arranging the weekly demonstrations against the ongoing occupation.

A spokesman for the Popular Committee of Beit Ommar thanked the demonstrators for their attendence by saying: “We want to decide for ourselves when the demonstration begins and when we have got message through and want to finish it”.