Funeral Procession in Beit Ommar led to Shooting of Teargas.

28 October 2011

October 28th 2011. Loads of teargas was shot into the town of Beit Ommar. Residents of Beit Ommar followed a funeral procession from the mosque in the middle of town to the cemetery close to Route 60 and the Israeli watchtower to burry one of the residents who died of cancer. When the procession arrived at the cemetry, Israeli soldiers surounded it and Israeli jeeps gathered at the entrance of town. The Israeli soldiers closed the main entrance to town and at some point they started to shoot teargas.

After some time the soldiers came further into town and shot more teargas.

At 4:00 pm the israeli army brought a bollduzer and blocked all the side entrances and exits of the town with cement blocks and closed the gate at the towns main entrance as a part of the collective sanction policy the Israeli occupation usually impose on the Palestinian population. When a lot of people are gathered it almost always opens up for an opportunity for the army for confrontations with the villagers.