“Save the Land – Donate an Olive Tree Seedling” Campaign

31 October 2011

The National Committee for Resisting Settlement and Apartheid Wall in Beit Ommar and Palestine Solidarity Project

Dear All,

The National Committee of Beit Ommar and Palestine Solidarity Project (PSP ) declare the start of:

“Save the Land – Donate an Olive Tree Seedling” Campaign

In light of the escalation of Israeli occupation and its settlers’ attacks against the Palestinian human, land, trees and properties,mainly in area “C” ( under full Israeli control). The Israeli settlers are always attacking the Palestinian farmers, seizing their land, cutting down trees and destroying crops mostly during the olive harvest season. “Save the land” campaign aims to raise necessary funds to buy olive seedlings. Our goal is to buy 5000 seedlings; each seedling costs 22 NIS ($6). The price includes a seedling, a stick, and a cover for protection from weather changes. Planting season starts in January 2012.


1. Settlers’ attacks on Palestinian trees include uprooting, cutting, burning and poisoning.

2. During 2011 the settlers have destroyed about 14,000 olive trees in the West Bank. The settlers are always armed and most of the time protected and accompanied by Israeli soldiers.

3. During 2011 the Israeli settlers and army have confiscated, bulldozed and declared Palestinian land as state land, and used for constructing bypass roads (apartheid roads). About 5000 dunums have been confiscated in the West Bank (one dunum equals 917 square meters).

4. A month ago the Israeli Occupation Civil Administration had approved the construction of a new bypass road (which will be closed for Palestinians). The road will be 80 meters wide and 8 km long. It will devour more than 1000 dunums of Beit Ommar agricultural land. More than 30000 trees of different types will be bulldozed and some of the landowners will lose their only source of income or the only land they have.


The main goal of the campaign is to save our land from confiscation. Our focus area is the land adjacent to the settlements of Karmei Tsur and Bayt Ayn. These settlements are built on confiscated land seized by force from Beit Ommar farmers, and declared as State land.

During the last 2 years the settlers from Bayt Ayn (west of Beit Ommar) have cut down more than 700 grown trees (Grapes, plums, olives), uprooted more than 1500 olive seedlings, and burnt down a small grove in the same area. More than 300 plum – and grape trees from the land adjacent to Karmei Tsur Settlement (south of Beit Ommar) have also been cut down.

No matter how small your donation is, it means a lot to us.

For more information please contact: Younes Arar at:
younesarar@yahoo.com, 0599965272
mousamarya@gmail.com, 0598139590

Thank you,

Coordinator of the National Committee in Beit Ommar

Younes Arar