Israeli Settlers Torch Three Palestinian Cars in Beit Ommar

9 November 2011

On November 9th, 2011 at around 1:30pm, Palestinian residents of Beit Ommar were harassed by a group of settlers accompanied by Israeli soldiers. The attack occurred in an area of the village not far from the illegal settlement of Bat Ayn, one of the most ideologically colonialist and dangerous settlements in the West Bank.

The Israeli soldiers accompanied the settlers on the back roads towards Beit Ommar, only a few kilometers from the settlement. The settlers then proceeded to set fire to three Palestinian cars, and two of them were totally destroyed. The burnt-out cars belong to Habas Hussein Ibrareth and his nephews, Suhel Momhammed Ibrareth and Yousef Mohammed Ibrareth. Settlers also spray painted the Star of David, and the words “price tag” in Hebrew on the side of a Palestinian residence. Settlers often conduct price tag campaigns to terrorize Palestinian residence of the West Bank.

Residents of Beit Ommar suppose the settlers harassed the farmers because their houses are located not far from route 60. This is the area where Israel wants to expand the road and build a new bypass road towards a planned settlement. Read more about the new bypass road here: Watch a movie with more information about the road here