Arrest at the Closed Entrance of Beit Ommar

12 November 2011

Thaer Ahamd Abu Hashem, a 23-year-old Palestinian resident of Beit Ommar was arrested by Israeli Forces on his way back from work at around 12:30pm on November 12th. Thaer was arrested by soldiers near the entrance of the village, near the military watchtower. The main road of Beit Ommar has been closed by the military since yesterday evening, and it has remained shut for almost 36 hours, preventing Palestinian vehicles from entering or leaving the village.

Thaer’s brother, Yousef Ahmad Halil Abu Hashem, was arrested from his home on October 11, 2011. Report here Yousef is currently being held in Ofer prison near Ramallah.

The two brothers’ father – Ahmad Abu Hashem, is an organizer with Beit Ommar’s National Committee Against the Wall and Settlements. Having two sons imprisoned affects both his work and the family life.
No reason has been given for the arrests or either Thaer or Yousef, and the Abu Hashem family does not know when they will be released.