Majde Mahmoud Za’aqiq Sentenced for one more Month in Ofer, 5,500 Shekel Fine

22 November 2011

The teacher and Popular Committee Member, Majde Mahmoud Za’aqiq is still imprisoned. Za’aqiq was arrested on August 20, 2011 as he was leaving Beit Ommar’s weekly unarmed demonstration. Israeli soldiers pulled Majde and a Spanish solidarity activist, out of their car and placed both under arrest. The accusation of throwing stones, was fabricated. No stones were thrown by any of the non-violent demonstrators.
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Za’aqiq has been detained for 3 month and is charged for one more month. This is part of the Israeli apartheid strategy to suppress the Palestinian non-violent peace activism. Madje was subjected to a bail of 5500 shekels (about 1500 USD.) as a condition for his release.

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