Another Night-Raid in Beit Ommar – Three Young Men Arrested.

27 November 2011

Three youngsters arrested in another night-raid in Beit Ommar.
Munib Jahed Alqom (18)
Rami Ibrahim Haled Sabarna (20)
Sayed Mohammed Mahmoud Awad (17) were arrested from their houses at 3:00 am in the morning November 27rd, 2011.

Many arrests have occurred lately.
Thaer Ahamd Abu Hashem, 23
Iyad Alami, 23
Abed Helail, 41, Mohammad Yousef Bahar 17 years old, and Ahmad Mahmoud Sohaibe 20 years old
Yousef Ahmad Halil Abu Hashem, Ahmad Abu Hashem,
Munib Jahed, 17, Nadim Khalil, 21, and Fares Al-Owewy, 25.

The previous night-raid was a couple of days ago. Report here

Munib was arrested only a few weeks ago. Now he has been arrested again, without any charge. Report here.