Settlers Attempt to Enter Beit Ommar After day of Demonstration

3 December 2011

Today, Saturday, December 3, residents and the Popular Committee of Beit Ommar, along with international and solidarity activists, held their regular demonstration at the illegal Israeli settlement, Karmei Tsur. Demonstrations have been held at Karmei Tsur, a religious extremist settlement built on privately-owned Palestinian land, regularly for nearly 3 years. Today, the demonstration was met with a small force of soldiers, and though demonstrators were pushed and hit as they tried to pass the line of soldiers, there were no arrests and the demonstration ended without incident.

At approximately 8pm the same night, a group of about 25 settlers, believed to be from Karmei Tsur, arrived at the entrance to Beit Ommar and began harassing residents living at the entrance to the village on Route 60. They were accompanied by a large contingent of Israeli soldiers and police, who allowed the settlers to gather at the entrance of the village. Quickly approximately 45-50 residents of Beit Ommar and PSP activists converged on the entrance of the village to prevent the settlers from attacking or further harassing Beit Ommar residents. The Israeli military kept the settlers and the Palestinians apart, and eventually forced the settlers to leave the area.