Youth Shot with Live Ammunition at Nabi Saleh Weekly Demonstration

23 December 2011

On December 22, after Friday prayers, over 50 Nabi Saleh residents held their weekly demonstration along with Israeli and international solidarity activists. The group peacefully marched though town and towards the Ein al-Qaws (the Bow Spring), which rests on lands belonging to Bashir Tamimi, the head of the Nabi Saleh village council. The spring was used historically as a source of water for the village until being illegally fenced off by Halamish settlers in 2009.

While the protesters were demonstrating peacefully hundreds of yards away from the spring the Israeli military fired dozens of tear gas canisters at them. As demonstrators returned to the village, Israeli military forces illegally shot tear gas canisters directly at them from close range. The demonstrators were blockaded on the road on which Mustafa Tamimi was shot in the face with a tear gas canister and killed a few weeks ago. In addition to tear gas the military used concussion grenades, rubber bullets, a high frequency sound crowd control device (“the scream”) and live 0.22″ caliber ammunition, banned for crowd control purposes.

A member of the press was injured after being struck in the leg with a tear gas canister, as was an international solidarity activist. A Palestinian youth was injured as he fell while fleeing from the tear gas. Another Palestinian youth was shot in the leg with live .22” caliber ammunition and was taken by an ambulance. The demonstration dispersed when the military approached with a water cannon and tanker of “skunk” water. There were no arrests.