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29 Nov 2011
Farmer Arrested close to the Apartheid Wall

November 2011, Maroan Ahmad Khamis Saharna was working on his fields in Hatta behind Beit Ula. Saharna was working with his tractor just outside the apartheid wall in area C. Suddenly soldiers arrived. Both the farmer and his tractor were arrested because the soldiers claimed that the fields are in a closed military zone.

Often farmers that own land in area C need special permits to harvest and work in their land. Many of them experience lot of harassment from both settlers and soldiers.

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29 Nov 2011

From Electronic Intifada:

On 24 November Israeli occupation forces demolished two homes, a mosque and a barn, killing livestock, and arrested two young women in the village of Umm Fagarah, in the South Hebron Hills in the occupied West Bank.

The incident was caught on video by Operation Dove, an Italian organization that has maintained a presence in the area since 2004.

The description of the video states:

At 10 am two bulldozers arrived in the village, escorted by five military vehicles. Without showing any demolition order, the army demolished two houses, a mosque, a barn and a structure containing the generator.

Forced to kneel

During the video, two young Palestinian women can be seen being forced to kneel on the … Continue reading

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27 Nov 2011
Another Night-Raid in Beit Ommar - Three Young Men Arrested.

Three youngsters arrested in another night-raid in Beit Ommar.
Munib Jahed Alqom (18)
Rami Ibrahim Haled Sabarna (20)
Sayed Mohammed Mahmoud Awad (17) were arrested from their houses at 3:00 am in the morning November 27rd, 2011.

Many arrests have occurred lately.
Thaer Ahamd Abu Hashem, 23
Iyad Alami, 23
Abed Helail, 41, Mohammad Yousef Bahar 17 years old, and Ahmad Mahmoud Sohaibe 20 years old
Yousef Ahmad Halil Abu Hashem, Ahmad Abu Hashem,
Munib Jahed, 17, Nadim Khalil, 21, and Fares Al-Owewy, 25.

The previous night-raid was a couple of days ago. Report here

Munib was arrested only a few weeks ago. Now … Continue reading

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26 Nov 2011
November 26th. 2011, Weekly Demonstration in Beit Ommar Towards Karmei Tsur

November 26th. 2011: PSP accompanied with international activists and residents of Beit Ommar arranged a peaceful demonstration against the illegal settlement of Karmei Tsur.

As the demonstrators walk towards the settlement with their slogans against the occupation, they discovered that garbage from the settlement had been thrown on their land.

Many soldiers stopped the demonstrators before they even could walk up to the settlement fence. “This is a closed military zone, you are not aloud to walk here,” said the soldiers and showed a paper confirming their message.

The illegal settlement of Karmei Tsur was established in 1984 and has confiscated several hundred … Continue reading

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23 Nov 2011
Two Young Men Arrested in Beit Ommar Army Raid

At 1:30am in the morning November 23rd, 2011, Yousef Mohammad Kamel Za’aqiq (21) and Haidar Falah Abu Maria (24) were arrested from their homes.

The two young men were taken to Gush Etzion, no reasons were given for the arrest.

As part of the Israeli apartheid strategy to suppress the Palestinian non-violent peace activism, several arrests and other forms of harassment of the residents of Beit Ommar have occurred this autumn. Report here

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22 Nov 2011
Majde Mahmoud Za’aqiq Sentenced for one more Month in Ofer, 5,500 Shekel Fine

The teacher and Popular Committee Member, Majde Mahmoud Za’aqiq is still imprisoned. Za’aqiq was arrested on August 20, 2011 as he was leaving Beit Ommar’s weekly unarmed demonstration. Israeli soldiers pulled Majde and a Spanish solidarity activist, out of their car and placed both under arrest. The accusation of throwing stones, was fabricated. No stones were thrown by any of the non-violent demonstrators.
Read Madje’s story here .

Za’aqiq has been detained for 3 month and is charged for one more month. This is part of the Israeli apartheid strategy to suppress the Palestinian non-violent peace activism. Madje was subjected to a bail of 5500 shekels … Continue reading

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21 Nov 2011
 Palestine Solidarity Project Newsletter  Autumn 2011


New Bypass Road Planned on Beit Ommar and Shyoukh Land

More than 800 dumums of Beit Ommar and Shwoukh land will be taken by the Israelies for a 8km bypass road, starting from Gush Etzion. The settlers have already built a watchtower on a hilltop in the area – the first step to establish a new settlement. The road to the planned settlement on Halhoul land will go through Beit Ommar and Shwoukh land and join in on the route 60 by Halhoul.

Watch a documentary about the land grab here


Popular Committee member still in prison.

Majde Mahmoud Za’aqiq has been detained in Israeli prison … Continue reading

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17 Nov 2011
Palestinian Freedom Riders Challenge Israeli Segregation of West Bank Transportation

On November 15th, 2011, six Palestinian activists were arrested for boarding Israeli settlement buses in the West Bank district of Ramallah. The activists, calling themselves the Freedom Riders, drew inspiration from the 1961 Freedom Rides in the United States, in which young black and white civil rights activists challenged the segregated transportation system across southern states.

Settler buses run by the companies Egged and Veolia, connect Israeli settlements which are built on stolen Palestinian land in the West Bank, and deemed illegal under International Law, with cities within Israel proper. Palestinians are not allowed to ride these buses, one of many separate … Continue reading

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12 Nov 2011
Arrest at the Closed Entrance of Beit Ommar

Thaer Ahamd Abu Hashem, a 23-year-old Palestinian resident of Beit Ommar was arrested by Israeli Forces on his way back from work at around 12:30pm on November 12th. Thaer was arrested by soldiers near the entrance of the village, near the military watchtower. The main road of Beit Ommar has been closed by the military since yesterday evening, and it has remained shut for almost 36 hours, preventing Palestinian vehicles from entering or leaving the village.

Thaer’s brother, Yousef Ahmad Halil Abu Hashem, was arrested from his home on October 11, 2011. Report here Yousef … Continue reading

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10 Nov 2011
PSP Student Activist Arrested in Beit Ommar Army Raid

At 2:30am on the morning of November 12, 2011, PSP activist Iyad al-Alami was arrested from his residence in Beit Ommar by Israeli Forces.

Iyad is 23-years-old, and is an active member of the National Committee in Beit Ommar, as well as the Palestine Solidarity Project. In recent years, Iyad has been arrested two times before. Eyewitnesses saw 5 jeeps of Israeli soldiers conduct the early morning raid. Iyad was seen blindfolded and handcuffed as he was being led to an army jeep.

Iyad is studying engineering at Hebron’s Polytechnic University. A … Continue reading