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18 Oct 2011
PSP has started to give tours in the West Bank

Palestine Solidarity Project has now started to give tours.

The Solidarity tour programme offers an introduction to the different geographical and cultural regions of the West Bank. The tour is providing its participants with in-depth social, political and historical insights on Palestinian life. Read the full program here. (the program is also available in French, Italian, Spanish and Norwegian).

Watch a short introduction from the Beit Ommar area:

Human rights?

Come and see for yourself.

Use the important and unique possibilty:
Visit Palestine!

For further questions or information. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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17 Oct 2011
Berlin Demonstrates in Solidarity with Palestinian Hunger Strikers

Sunday 16 October: Palestinian solidarity activists in Berlin today held a demonstration in solidarity with Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails.

In front of the Brandenburg Gate in central Berlin, protestors displayed banners and chanted in support of the hundreds of Palestinian prisoners who are now entering their third week of hunger strike, in protest at the inhumane and illegal conditions they are subject to in Israeli jails.

Amongst the demonstrators was PSP organiser and member of Beit Ommar’s popular committee, Mousa Abu Maria, who is currently on a European speaking tour.

The protesters called … Continue reading

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15 Oct 2011
Demonstration in Beit Ommar in Solidarity with the Striking Prisoners

15th October 2011: Residents of Beit Ommar accompanied with sympatizers from other villages and internationals arranged a peaceful demonstration against the illegal settlement of Karmei Tsur.
The demonstrators went all the way up to the fence on the nothwestern side of the settlement, where they were stopped by soldiers.

The soldiers advanced on the demonstrators who had to retreat. One of the demonstrators was pushed to ground, and injured his arm.
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14 Oct 2011
Three Arrested in another Late-Night Army Raid in Beit Ommar

Beit Ommar October 2011. At about three o’clock in the morning three persons were arrested in a late night millitary raid in Beit Ommar; Abed Helail aged 41, Mohammad Yousef Bahar 17 years old, and Ahmad Mahmoud Sohaibe 20 years old.
No reason was given for the arrests.

Several arrests have occured in Beit Ommar the last few weeks. Report here

Two days ago the soliders arrested Yousef Ahmad Halil Abu Hashem. Report here

The army raids in Beit Ommar have … Continue reading

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14 Oct 2011
Tear Gas Fired and Israeli Army Followed Residents of Beit Ula into their fields

Beit Ula October 2011: For the Friday prayer a large number of people gathered by the demolished house and fields of Abdul Jabar Ahtal.
After the prayer the crowd walked about and looked at the damage.

A military jeep appeared on the patrol road connected to the apartheid fence built on Beit Ula land. After some time more jeeps turned up and soldiers appeared in the distance on foot.

The soldiers started to shoot tear … Continue reading

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14 Oct 2011
Israeli Army Fire Tear Gas Into Town and Create Checkpoint at Entrance to Beit Ommar

September 14th October: Israeli soldiers fired tear gas into residential areas of Beit Ommar.
In addition to the tear gas, the army stopped and searched cars entering and leaving the village.

Due to the ongoing Palestinian solidarity and support of the prisoners` hunger strike the army do not want the residents of Beit Ommar to leave their town or to use Route 60.

The main entrance to the town was closed for several hours in the night, and a road block were put up by the entrance to the fruit market. … Continue reading

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12 Oct 2011

Beit Ommar 12th October 2011: 18 year old Amir Ibrahim Khaled Sabarna was today shot in the shoulder by Israeli military forces, who used live ammunition in the main street of Beit Ommar. Ameer was shot as residents of Beit Ommar demonstrated in support of the prisoners hunger strike.

Video footage, shot by a local resident on his mobile phone, captures the scene immediately after the shooting, as a soldier pulls a wounded Amir to his feet and marches him toward the army watchtower at the entrance to the town, where he was then arrested.

At the time of writing (Thursday morning), Amir’s family have had no contact with their son, and have no idea as to where he is being … Continue reading

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12 Oct 2011
One Arrested in Late-Night Army Raid in Beit Ommar

Beit Ommar 11th October 2011:

Yousef Ahmad Halil Abu Hashem was arrested along with his father, Ahmad Abu Hashem, at 02:30 Tuesday morning in the old city of Beit Ommar. Ahamd Abu Hashem is an active member of the popular committee in Beit Ommar.

The Israeli army came to Ahmad Abu Hashem’s house in the middle of the night with more than a hundred soldiers, seven jeeps and two buses, including three dogs. The soldiers used a ladder to climb the wall, and established a command point on the roof, after having broken open the front door of the house on the ground floor.

All family members were made to lie on the floor, while the soldiers brought in … Continue reading

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12 Oct 2011
House Demolished in Al-Jab`a

October 11th 2011: In the early hours of Tuesday morning, Israeli army bulldozers demolished a house in Al-Jab`a, not far from the illegal settlement of Bet Ayin.

The owner Naser Hassan Salim Alin Athous witnessed the demolition from his fields. His family have lived in the area for many generations. The demolished home was planned to house 14 persons.

No reason was given for the demolition.

The destruction of the Athous’ home comes less than a month … Continue reading

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11 Oct 2011
New Farmers' Committee Planned in Beit Ommar

October 10th 2011: Beit Ommar farmers met today to discuss problems they are facing due to the occupation.
The agenda addressed many serious problems, including land confiscation, land rehabilitation and problems on land adjacent to settlements.

The meeting decided to establish a committee which purpose is to coordinate the work with authorities, NGOs, agricultural organizations, fund raisers etc. When nesassary funding is secured it will be used to restore land, build stonewalls, dig waterwells, provide seedlings, build agricultural … Continue reading