8 Arrested From Beit Ommar Over the Last Week as Israeli Night Raids Continue

9 January 2012

Over the course of the past week, the Israeli army has arrested eight Palestinians from their homes in Beit Ommar, a village in the southern West Bank. Israeli Forces raid the village almost every night, often making arrests and ransacking homes. The raids have often targeted Palestinian minors, and activists and organizers involved in popular resistance initiatives against the Israeli occupation. The arrested from this week include two children under the age of 18.

During one of the raids this past week, the soldiers broke into several residences at 3am. The Palestinians were taken from their homes without any explanation given as to why they were being arrested. They were taken away in jeeps to the Gush Etzion settlement which houses a jail and interrogation center. The soldiers broke into an additional home but their intended target managed to escape, and has not been found by the army. The soldiers nonetheless broke many things in the house such as tables and chairs, and harassed the escaped man’s parents.

The names and ages of the arrested are below:

Mohamad Jamal Alkam, 17 years old
Mo’ath Jamal Alkam, 18 years old
Ibrahim Yousef Sabarnah, 21 years old
Khader Fathi Sabarnah, 16 years old
Hamzah Nawaf Sabarnah, 22 years old
Mohamad Shawkat Alkam, 24 years old
Ra’ed Mahmoud Sabarnah, 39 years old
Yousef Mahmoud Alami, 23 years old

The soldiers told the arrested families that their aim was to “check” the homes. However, the time of the break-ins and the harassment and destruction caused suggests the main reason was simply to disturb the families and cause alarm to the community. The soldiers did not seem to be looking for anything in particular