Israeli Forces Begin Construction of New Fence Near Beit Ommar

14 February 2012

On the early morning of February 13, 2012, Israeli Forces accompanied by survey workers started to put marks on Route 60, the main road connecting the cities of Hebron and Jerusalem in the southern West Bank. The soldiers started surveying the area from the entrance of Al-Arroub refugee camp all the way to Beit Ommar. This move seems to signify the intention of the Israeli military to put up a four-meter-high fence along this area to isolate the two Palestinian communities from the main street, and further restricting the movement of Palestinian residents living in the area. This act is part of a wider design of a collective punishment policy pursued by the Israeli occupation, in light of the increasing peaceful popular resistance activities in these areas.

It is significant to note that the Israeli occupation authorities have finished the plans and maintained the approvals necessary to construct a new apartheid road (bypass road) on land belonging to Palestinian farmers living in Beit Ommar. The length of this road will be 8km and it will be 80 meters wide. The road will annex more than 1200 dunums of land between Beit Ommar and Halhoul, and it will be off limits to Palestinian drivers.