Hebron Demonstration to Open Shuhada Street Violently Repressed

24 February 2012

On Friday, February 24, 2012, Palestinian activists in Hebron (or Al Khalil in Arabic) organized a protest to open Shuhada Street which is a main street in the old city of Hebron that has been closed by Israeli soldiers to Palestinians. Hundreds of Israeli settlers now illegally live off of Shuhada street and their movement is not impeded by Israeli Forces. Hundreds of people attended the demonstrations from Hebron, from Palestinian towns and cities including Beit Ommar, some Palestinians from 48, Israelis, as well as internationals. The demonstration started with marching and chanting down the street, but quickly ceased after the demonstrators were met with many soldiers perhaps twenty or so baring the road, and some soldiers on two roof tops. The soldiers threw sound bombs into the crowd, injuring one woman. She was evacuated and treated by the Red Cross.

Additionally, soldiers sprayed demonstrators with skunk water which makes those affected smell of sewer water and induces nausea. Israeli Forces also used a Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD), which relies on high-pitched frequency waves to immobilize crowds.

Solidarity actions demanding the opening of Shuhada street took place all over the world today, in Chicago, France, New York City, London, and elsewhere.