Israeli Soldiers Arrest Three Beit Ommar Youth

24 February 2012

On Tuesday February 21, 2012, Israeli Forces raided the Palestinian village of Beit Ommar and raided several homes, arresting three youth between the ages of 14 and 17. According to the Popular Committee in Beit Ommar, the occupation forces arrested three people; Mohammad Ahmed Khalil Abu Hashem (14 years old) Mohab Samir Mehanna (16 years old), and Mohammed Jamil Saadi (17 years old). The boys were taken to the illegal Israeli settlement of Karmei Tsur which is built on land belonging to Beit Ommar residents. When one of the detainees was being taken from his home, his father Ahmad Abu Hashem, was beaten by soldiers as he tried to convince them to let his son Mohammad put on more clothes to protect him from the cold.

Mohammad Khalil Abu Hashem is an activist in the unarmed popular resistance in Beit Ommar, and his father Ahmad Abu Hashem is a member in the Beit Ommar Popular Committee and was arrested more than 6 times (spending five years in prison in total) in recent years. His son Yousef was arrested five months ago and is still awaiting trial in an Israeli prison. Ahmad’s other sons have all spent time in Israeli prisons when they were minors under the age of 18.

After the arrests, the soldiers started to shoot tear and throw sound bombs at the residents’ homes.
During February 2012, Israeli Forces have arrested eight people from Beit Ommar Village. In total forty people from the village have been detained by soldiers since the beginning of this year, including twelve residents under the age of 18.

The day after the arrest on February 22nd, an Israeli military court charged Mohammad’s family 2,500 shekels for his release. No formal charge was ever made against him. The IDF had no reason to arrest him, except to terrorize his family and take their money.