Beit Ommar Demonstrators Continue to Demand an End to the Occupation

27 February 2012

On Saturday, February 25th, 2012, Palestinian villagers from Beit Ommar, supported by international and Israeli solidarity activists, rallied against the Israeli occupation during the community’s weekly unarmed demonstration. As usual, the demonstrators headed towards the illegal Israeli settlement of Karmei Tzur, which is built on Beit Ommar village farmland. Demonstrators could not get anywhere close to the settlement fence; instead they were met with scores of soldiers preventing them from going any farther by pushing them back. The activists chanted and called upon the soldiers to act more humanely. Farmers in Beit Ommar want to access the land that the new fence separates them from; this is why these demonstrations take place. The increasing amount of land grabs make it more difficult for Beit Ommar residents to survive economically.

A few days before the demonstration took place the Israeli army attacked the houses of several members of Beit Ommar’s Popular Committee and the Center for Freedom and Justice with tear gas. At the Center for Freedom and Justice nine gas canisters were collected when people gathered there in preparation for today’s demonstration.