Israeli Forces Arrest 5 Beit Ommar Residents During Night Raid

29 February 2012

Ten Israeli jeeps entered the Palestinian village of Beit Ommar at 2am in the early morning hours of February 29, 2012 and arrested five residents in the area. During the night raid, Israeli forces split up into groups in order to surround homes. At one of the residences, soldiers surrounded the home and ordered the family of Zain Khader al-Alami to go outside there home. The family was left outside in the cold while the soldiers proceeded to search the building.

Zain was then ordered to call his 38-year-old brother Naseem Khader al-Alami. When Naseem arrived, the soldiers stopped him in the middle of the street before beating and arresting him.and they arrested him and beat him. Concerned neighbors who tried to intervene were also physically assaulted by soldiers and ordered to remain in their homes. In addition to Naseem, soldiers four other people by invading homes off the main street of Beit Ommar. Those arrested were:

Mohammad Sadi al-Alami, aged 16
Yousef al-Alami aged 22
Hasan al-Alami, aged 20
Malik al-Alami, aged 21

During the night raid, the soldiers shot more than ten sound bombs, as they shouted for the villagers to remain in their home. This kind of night invasion in a frequent occurrence in Beit Ommar, and adds to the terror that the residents experience on a regular basis at the hands of the Israeli military. Since the beginning of February, Israeli soldiers have arrested 18 people including eight youths under the age of 18. 32 Beit Ommar residents were arrested in January. In many cases those arrested are given no cause for their detention. The military court system under which they are tried will then ask the family to pay for the release of people like Mohammad Ahmed Abu Hashem who was given a bail of 1000 shekels and released after two days still not knowing why he was arrested in the first place.

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