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8 Feb 2012
Settlers Construct Two New Caravans on Beit Ommar Farmland

On Tuesday, February 7, 2012, Israeli settlers from Karmei Tsur, escorted by Israeli Forces, constructed two mobile homes (caravans) on two dunums (2000 square meters) of land owned by Palestinian residents of Beit Ommar. The farmland is legally owned by Mohamed Motlak Za’aqik and is located within the so-called security fence surrounding the settlement of Karmei Tsur to the south of the village. This fence was constructed in 2006, and annexed more than hundreds of dunums of Beit Omar farmland. Since then, the farmers are prevented from entering the area and cultivating their land for almost six years, causing all of the plum and grapes trees to dry up. Karmei Tsur was illegally established in 1984 on … Continue reading

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5 Feb 2012
Beit Ommar Demonstration Plants Hundreds of Olive Trees

On Saturday, February 4th, 2012, Palestinian villagers in Beit Ommar conducted their weekly demonstration against the settlement appropriation of their lands. The activists organized this week’s actions to plant dozens of olive trees near the Israeli settlement of Karmei Tsur. This week, the demonstrators were joined by a group of Palestinian and international runners conducting a marathon across the West Bank from Hebron to Jenin organized by Fair Trade groups and US-based community development group On the Ground.

The project aims to raise awareness and support for small farming communities and Fair Trade practices across the West Bank. They planted 500 olive saplings … Continue reading

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4 Feb 2012
Israeli Settlers Enter Beit Ommar, Harass Palestinian Residents

On Friday, February 3, 2012, a large group of around 150 Israeli settlers entered the Palestinian village of Beit Ommar in the southern West Bank. The presence of settlers on Palestinian land is prohibited under International Law. The group was escorted by Israeli soldiers and border police, and moved through several neighborhoods of the village during the middle of the day.

The settlers wandered through Beit Za’tah and Alkarn neighborhoods before moving onto Wadi Esheikh area close to the illegal settlement of Karmei Tsur to the south of the village. During this provocative tour, the settlers blocked Route 60, the main road connecting Hebron … Continue reading