Six Beit Ommar Residents Arrested in Past 2 Days, Car Seized by Military

7 March 2012

On Wednesday March 7th, 2012, Israeli soldiers entered the Palestinian village of Beit Ommar and arrested six residents. The soldiers started searching houses and looking at different cars parked in the area. After a while they decided on the car they wanted, which belonged to a longtime unarmed resistance activist in the village. One soldier broke the window of the car with his gun, exploded a sound bomb inside the car, opened the trunk and another soldier searched the trunk of the car. They then attached the car to their jeep and moved it to the military watchtower which is located at the entrance of the village. Later, a tow-truck moved the car from the watch-tower to an unknown location where it is still being held by Israeli Forces.

Earlier that same morning at 3:30am, Israeli Forces raided the village and arrested Zain Hisham Khaleel Abu Maria, 15 years old,Said Imad Soleibi, 15 years old, and Sami Amer Abu Jouda, 16 years old. The night before in the early morning hours of Tuesday, March 6th, soldiers also arrested Basel Abu Maria, 16 years old, Moataz Khalid Awad, 18 years old and Aish Khalid Awad, 16 years old. None of the six arrested youth have since been released.

These night raids are part of the daily terror that Palestinians experience living under occupation. Israeli soldiers enter Beit Ommar village almost every single night to arrest Palestinian residents. More than fifty area residents have been arrested in such night raids since the beginning of this year.

For video of the March 7th night raid, see: