Israeli Soldiers Murder Palestinian Youth in Yatta

8 March 2012

On Thursday, March 8th, 2012, a Palestinian resident of the southern West Bank, Zakariah Jamal Mohammad Abu Aram, was killed by Israeli soldiers. At approximately 4:30pm, over 100 Israeli soldiers entered the town of Yatta in an attempt to re-arrest Khaled Shawamra, one of the Palestinians who were released in the Gilad Shalit prisoner exchange. People came out to block the street to prevent the soldiers from making the arrest, and the soldiers began shooting in the street and at the surrounding houses. Mohammad was shot and pronounced dead at the Abu al-Hasan al-Qasem Hospital. Many others were injured by rubber bullets and live ammunition, and at least one was taken into Israeli custody. Palestinian medics were initially prevented from providing first aid at the scene by the Israeli military. About one month ago, Israel began to break the terms of the Shalit prisoner exchange by re-arresting the Palestinians who were released. One of those, Hana Shalabi, has been on a hunger strike for over three weeks since her re-arrest on February 16th.