PSP activists take part in International Women’s Day

9 March 2012

Yesterday, Thursday, March 8th, 2012, people from the Palestine Solidarity Project took part in two demonstrations in solidarity with women’s day.

water level can be seen from recent flooding

The first activity was in Al-Walaja. The town of Al Walaja is a town on the 1967 ceasefire border. In 1948, most of Al-Walaja was annexed by Israel, and depopulated. A small portion of Al-Walaja remained on the Palestinian side. Currently, the Israelis want to build a wall, and a family’s house will be separated from the Palestinian side, so the army dug a tunnel for the family to be able access their house. This caused the house to have a serious flood. About fifteen people came to visit the area and the house that will be separated from Al-Walaja by the wall, as Sherinne Alaraj one of the leaders of the Popular resistance committee in Al Walaja. Border police and police came trying to break up the tour, and asked prof. Mazin Qumsiyeh to come near to them. Mazin went in the background and picked flowers fearing arrest. Later, he gave a flower to the border police.

Sherinne Alaraj explaining the family's situation

In Qalandiya, near Qaladiya check-point, (the main checkpoint to Ramallah) a demonstration took place in honor of women’s day, there were about 100 hundred people, Palestinians, internationals and Israelis. Soldiers fired tear-gas, and sprayed skunk (an organic material that makes people nauseous). Also soldiers used LRAD a very high pitched noise meant to confuse demonstrators, as well as noise bombs. Many people just walking by breathed tear-gas, as soldiers fired in a main road, including families with small children and babies.

Soldiers at the demonstration for International Women's Day fired tear gas and sound bombs