PSP Activists Plant 50 Trees in South Hebron Hills

15 March 2012

On Wednesday, March 14th, 2012, activists from Palestine Solidarity Project planted 50 olive and almond trees in Jabal Al-Sandab, in the south Hebron hills. The land belongs to Yusri Al-Jamal, and the planting of olive and almond trees allows him to protect his land from settlers and soldiers by laying claim to it. When land is not being cultivated, it is easier for Israeli occupation forces to confiscate it.

Jabal Al-Sandab is near the Hagai settlement. Some of the people who live in this settlement moved directly there from Gaza when the settlements there were dismantled in 2005. We fully expected our farming activity to be interrupted by settlers or soldiers, but fortunately our planting continued in peace and with a lot of national and international press.

Once we were done planting, we succeeded in toppling a concrete piece of wall weighing nearly 2 tons that was on Al-Jamal’s land. This wall is planned to be built near Hebron to confiscate Palestinian land, and if such a wall is built, people like Yusri Al-Jamal will lose their land.