PSP Activists Join Farmers in Surif to Plant Olive Trees

3 April 2012

On Sunday, April 1, 2012, PSP volunteers joined farmer Arsalon Abu Ikhdair in Surif to plant olive trees. Volunteers planted around twenty trees in an area called Al-Deir, which is close to the Darit settlement. An Israeli-only road and separation fence prevents Abu Ikhdair from accessing the land that used to belong to his family before 1948.

On Tuesday, April 3, 2012, activists from the Hebron district and Beit Ommar joined the municipality from Surif to assist farmer Yousef Hamad in planting olive trees on his land. Activists planted olive trees on six dunams of land in an area called Wad Assour. Wad Assour is very close to the Israeli settlements, and the separation fence is only 200 meters from Hamad’s farmland. The gate separating Wad Assour from the rest of the land, which originally belonged to Palestinian farmers before the fence was built, has been closed to Palestinians for ten years. The Israeli military frequently enters Surif through this gate to stop Palestinian farmers from working, claiming that they are working on Israeli land. Wad Assour is under Area C, which means it is under complete Israeli control. After planting trees, activists hung a Palestinian flag on the separation fence, which was taken down by Israeli soldiers within minutes.