19-Year-Old Beit Ommar Resident Released From Prison

5 April 2012

On Wednesday, April 4th, 2012, Yousef Abu Hashem was released after six months in prison.

He was arrested in October 2011, in the middle of the night by brutal soldiers with dogs, most likely because of his active participation during demonstrations in Beit Ommar.

Yesterday he was back with his own family and friends.

The car he was riding in joined a cortege of cars with flags and fireworks waiting for him two hundred meters inside Beit Ommar. They continued up the main street with noise from fireworks, shouting and car horns, then doing a lap of honor up-town before driving down towards the house of the young man’s family.

The cars were parked, and the hero was lifted up on one of his brother’s shoulders. The final distance down to his house could start, with joy and chanting, also from neighbors.

They entered the court yard, and Yousef immediately went to his mother, hugging her for a long time. Definitely a moving moment for all present.

This was such a great happening for everyone knowing this family, and a positive end to the day after four persons (two children) were arrested early in the morning.

Also present and welcoming was a mother whose son was arrested some two months ago, still without certainty of any conviction.

After hugging his mother and other female relatives, boys in their late teens and early twenties eagerly waited to hug and welcome back their good friend. Fireworks were sent from the rooftop and neighbors waved and shouted their greetings.

The celebration had just started and continued through the evening hours.