Remembering the Deir Yassin Massacre

9 April 2012

On April 9, 1948, members of Zionist paramilitary groups, the Irgun (led by Menachem Begin) and the Stern Gang (led by Yitzhak Shamir), entered the Arab village of Deir Yassin and massacred over 100 men, women and children. Deir Yassin had a population of about 600-750 people, and had a reputation for being a peaceful village. There were also reports of rapes and mutilations.

Excerpt from The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine, by Israeli historian Ilan Pappé:

Irgun and Stern Gang, the Jewish forces, stormed into the village of Deir Yassin on this day 63 years ago, they sprayed the houses with machine gun fire, killing many. They raped and killed some of the women, they gathered the remaning villagers in one place and shot them all in cold blood.

Fahim Zaydan was 12 at the time;

“They took us out one after the other; shot an old man and when one of his daughters cried, she was shot too. Then they called my brother Muhammad, and shot him infront of us, and when my mother yelled, bending over him- carrying my little sister Hudra in her hands, still breastfeeding her- they shot her too.”

Zaydan was shot too (he survived) when the troops lined up children against a wall and sprayed them with bullets “just for the fun of it”.

Research suggests that between 93-170 people were massacred, although this list doesn’t include the number of people killed during the fighting.