Violent Soldiers And Arrests During Bil’in Conference In Hebron

17 April 2012

On Wednesday, April 11, 2012, on the second day of the Bil’in conference in Hebron, the international activists experienced first-hand the nature of the Israeli occupation.

After a nice and quiet lunch nearby the Mosque, two international volunteers from PSP were heading back, but three of the people from the popular committee in Bil’in, among them the the popular resistance coordinator, were held aside and told they were arrested.

The internationals gathered around demanding that the Palestinians be set free. The soldiers were too few to break through the crowd, so they called for backup.

When the border police came they violently broke through the crowd and arrested the three Palestinians. Internationals and Palestinians tried to stop them and were met with hard violence. People, old and young, among them two Canadian men in their sixties from Christian Peacemaker Team and a Danish woman aged 69, were thrown to the ground.

The soldiers pushed the internationals back, and arrested four internationals and seven more Palestinians. An Italian woman severely injured her arm, but an Israeli ambulance refused to take her to hospital.

The settlers were watching the whole time, clapping when people were arrested.

Three of the Palestinians and two internationals were set free an hour or so later.