Beit Ommar Weekly Demonstration

22 April 2012

On Saturday, April 21, 2012, Palestinian, Israel and international activists joined together for the weekly demonstration in Beit Ommar. The demonstration took place by the fence between Beit Ommar and Karmei Tsur settlement. The settlement, which is illegal under the 4th Geneva Convention, was built on stolen Palestinian land, and the fence prevents many Beit Ommar farmers from accessing their land. The demonstration was in protest against the settlements, the fence, and the occupation.

During the demonstration, about 25 activists were stopped from reaching the fence by about 50 soldiers, while border police waited nearby. The Israeli soldiers pushed several demonstrators with their shields and their guns, knocking several people to the ground and into the bushes. Soldiers hit Hamza Abu Hashem, age 14, in the head, and kicked an international activist, age 23, in the leg. In total, at least five demonstrators were injured.