Boy, 15, To Appear In Court For The 8th Time

22 April 2012

Basel Abu Maria was arrested on March 6, 2012, when a total of sixty soldiers in ten military jeeps raided houses in Beit Ommar at 2 a.m. He was taken by the soldiers without getting time to put on more clothes in the cold night.

This was of course a frightening event for the whole family. Basel’s little sister was especially upset by the event, and is now scared at night, refusing to go to the toilet alone.

She and her other siblings talk about their big brother every day.

That same night, two other boys were arrested, with another three arrests taking place the following night. None of these boys have received a sentence, but are still imprisoned.

Basil is charged for throwing stones and for participating in demonstrations. But having already met in Ofer court seven times since being arrested, it is obvious Israel has nothing on him. This is a common practice being used by Israel to hurt families and so ultimately crush the popular struggle against the occupation.

Basel was, like most Palestinians, not allowed a lawyer during the first interrogation. In fact, he sees his lawyer only in court.

On May 9th, 2012, he will be back in Ofer court, for the 8th time! No one believes that the prosecutors have new evidence. At the same time, no one believes that this lack of evidence will lead to the release of Basel (as is the case in democracies).

Over 99% of the Palestinians arrested end up being convicted in these military courts.