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30 Jun 2012
Activists Protest Shaol Mofaz and Land Confiscation at Weekly Beit Ommar Demonstration

On June 30th, 25 international and Israeli activists joined Beit Ommar residents and members of the Popular Committee in today’s protest against the illegal confiscation of Palestinian farmland. The Popular Committee of Beit Ommar, leading the protest, called for the boycott of Shaul Mofaz following his invitation to visit Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah yesterday. The group of protestors met the Israeli Occupation Forces on a path leading to Palestinian land adjacent to the illegal Israeli settlement of Karmei Tsur.

During the protest, demonstrators carried signs calling for Shaol Mofaz to “get out of Palestine”. Shaol Mofaz, former Chief of the General Staff for the Israeli military, has led IOF … Continue reading

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30 Jun 2012
This Week: Settlers Attack Beit Ommar Vegetable Seller, Soldiers Arrest Two Palestinians

On June 28th, Beit Ommar resident and vegetable vendor Yousef Nadi Sabarna was attacked by settlers on his way home from the nearby village of Jeba. In order to return to Beit Ommar, Yousef- who leaves Beit Ommar every day to sell his produce to nearby villages- took a road connecting Jeba to Gush Etzion, one that only Israeli settlers are permitted to use under the current apartheid system. As he neared Gush Etzion, Israelis from the nearby Beit Ayin settlement began throwing stones at his car, shattering his windshield and hitting him in the neck before running away.

After the settlers wounded him and damaged his car, Yousef called his family and asked them to tell the police about … Continue reading

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28 Jun 2012
Greenhouse Construction in Beit Ommar Supports Palestinian Resistance

Recently, farmers in Beit Ommar have been trying a new method to defend their land against Israeli colonization. Under the Oslo Accords of 1993, the Palestinian territories were classified into three areas: Area A was to be completely under the control of the Palestinian Authority, Area B was to be under Palestinian civilian control but remain under the military authority of the Israeli Occupation Forces, and Area C- which constituted 61% of the Palestinian land occupied in 1967- was to stay under full Israeli control. This arrangement was a temporary set up pending a final agreement to end the occupation, but it has been in place for almost 20 years. … Continue reading

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28 Jun 2012
The Center for Freedom's 3rd Annual Summer Camp Begins

On Monday June 25th, the Center for Freedom and Justice began its third annual summer camp for Palestinian youth from the Arroub refugee camp and the neighboring village of Beit Ommar. The camp, which will run for 21 days and serves 150 Palestinian children ages 7-15, was created in response to the problems faced by Palestinian children: During the summers, most of the children in Beit Ommar have nothing to do and end up spending the majority of their time on the streets without supervision or engaging activities. At the same time, they continue to suffer from the effects of the Israeli occupation- such as night raids and demolitions … Continue reading

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23 Jun 2012
15-year-old Mohamad Abu Hashem released from prison

On April 23, Mohamad (Hamouda) Jamal Abu Hashem was woken up in the middle of a night raid by his brother, who told him that soldiers had broken into the house and were there to arrest him. Soldiers took 15-year-old Hamouda, charged with throwing stones at a recent demonstration, first to the military base in the nearby settlement Karmei Tzur and from there to the Gush Etzion detention center two hours later, where they began to interrogate him. They slapped him and demanded to know why he and his family, many of whom are involved in the resistance movement, participated in the local Beit Ommar protests. They showed Hamouda pictures of … Continue reading

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23 Jun 2012
Beit Ommar Popular Committee Member Younes Arar Arrested at Weekly Demonstration

On the afternoon of June 23rd, Palestinian residents and international activists took part in the weekly Beit Ommar demonstration against the illegal Karmei Tsur settlement which is built on stolen Palestinian land.
Carrying signs calling for the release of Emad and Ahmed Abu Hashem and condemning the recent killings in Gaza, protesters made their way across Beit Ommar farmland, where they were blocked by IOF forces. Soldiers declared the Palestinian land as a “clozed military zone”, and after twenty minutes, they began to violently attack the activists in an attempt to force them off the land.

During the … Continue reading

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23 Jun 2012
Hundreds Protest Susiya House Demolitions

On Friday June 22, 2012, Palestinian residents of the village of Susiya were joined by hundreds of activists in a demonstration against demolition orders which have recently been issued by the Israeli Occupation Civil Administration in the South Hebron Hills area. An urgent call for action was made earlier this week by a number of organizations, including PSP, the Beit Ommar Popular Committee, and the South Hebron Hills Popular committee, urging fellow activists to mobilize after Susiya last week received demolition orders for more than fifty structures: tents, water wells, and the only school in the area.

Over 500 residents, popular committee members, and Israeli and international activists … Continue reading

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21 Jun 2012
Beit Ommar Residents Receive Seven New Demolition Orders

On June 18th the Israeli Civil Administration issued a new round of demolition orders for structures built on privately-owned Palestinian land in Beit Ommar, including five homes and two wells. That evening, soldiers distributed notices demanding that residents evacuate their homes by July 3rd, giving residents- all of whom have documented proof of ownership that predates the establishment of the nearby Karmei Tzur settlement in 1982- less than three weeks to leave before their homes are destroyed.


One of the condemned wells, owned by farmer Ibrahim Arar, was built just four months ago. The well, which cost him over $15,000 of his savings, enabled him to irrigate his fields and is … Continue reading

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21 Jun 2012
Existence is Resistance: Continued Settlement Expansion in Beit Ommar

The appropriation of land from Palestinians in Beit Ommar began in 1984, when the Israeli state authorized the creation of the settlement Karmei Tzur on over 250 dunams (over sixty acres) of Palestinian farmland. Palestinians had used this area to grow plums and grapes, and with the construction of the settlement, Beit Ommar farmers lost both their land and their source of income.

[caption id="attachment_5697" align="alignright" width="150" caption="A settlement farm in Karmei Tzur built on former Palestinian land"][/caption]

Palestinians in Beit Ommar and throughout the West Bank lost even more land in 2006 with the construction of the so -called “Security Fence” which allowed settlers to annex a further 600 dunams … Continue reading

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17 Jun 2012
Activists protest continuing effects of occupation in Al Masara, confronted by soldiers

On Friday 16th June 2012, around thirty international activists joined residents and members of the popular committee for the weekly demonstration in Al Masara, a village just North of Beit Ommar.

The demonstration this week took place in opposition to the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and in solidarity with hunger striker Mahmoud Sarsak, now on his 90th day of hunger strike. Like many other villages in Palestine, Al Masara has been seriously affected by the establishment of the separation wall and the expansion of nearby settlements. Palestinians are currently unable to cultivate their farmland due to both direct appropriation by the Israeli government and the threat of harassment … Continue reading