Weekly Demonstration In Beit Ommar

2 June 2012

On Saturday, June 2nd, 2012, Israelis and internationals joined protestors from Beit Ommar in their weekly protest against the theft of land by the settlers and by the state of Israel.

40 soldiers had turned up this Saturday and stood waiting for the demonstrators. The group of more than 50 individuals, including over 20 Scottish activists, turned right just before reaching the wall of soldiers, and entered the terrace below the road. Several soldiers started running to cut them off, and managed to do so after 100 meters. Then they started pushing the demonstrators, many of the internationals sitting down, singing and chanting slogans. Some were pushed to the ground.

Today’s demonstration was also in solidarity with Palestinian football player, Mahmoud Sarsak, who has been on hunger strike since March 19.

The demonstrators then moved on, hoping to reach as close as possible to the settlement Karmei Tsur, illegally built according to international law.

About 100 meters from the newly built house in the settlement, the soldiers pushed harder to refuse the demonstrators to advance any further. One of the soldiers was seen kicking demonstrators while another one said to an international female that he would rape her.

At one point they tried to push the demonstrators down from the terrace, but the latter stood strong. One of the local committee members then gave the soldiers some information about stolen Palestinian land, international law and lack of humanity.

No injuries were reported this Saturday, which saw more demonstrators and soldiers than normal.